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pH Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer With 2 Long-Life Filters – Water Filter Purifier – Review

This tiny Water Filtration System – High pH Alkalizer Machine, enhanced 4th Generation 2017 Model (white).

Product Dimensions = 10.5 x 5.2 x 10 inches

Item Weight = 1.3 pounds

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This alkaline water filter pitcher makes your water fewer acidic, which may have benefits for your overall wellbeing. The filter contains of particle trapping micro nets, coconut activated carbon (charcoal), stone, ceramic ball blend and KDF. It increases pH and negative ORP of drinking water. Cleanses, removing chlorine, metals and some fluoride, while confining microbial growth. The filter filtrates arsenic, lead and contaminants in tap water, giving it more pure taste. Eliminates odor & organic and non-organic matter including sand, silt and algae. Adds healthy minerals such as selenium and calcium.

Drinking natural cleaned mineralized alkaline ionized filtered water can improve health and wellbeing – Decreasing acidity and inflammation improves immunity and stops disease. Metabolism can rise, aiding in weight loss and braking down the aging process. Enhanced water absorption increases hydration, mental clarity, energy levels and performance.

Latest design (Improved 2017 MODEL) – Easy-to-Fill Lid System and Digital Gauge so you are aware of changing your filter. Anti-Block newest technology filter material compound (search B00X127CGE). Best Eco-Friendly Materials – BPA free, SGS Certified, FDA, TUV, RoHS, BSI, ISO 9001:2000 Member of The Water Quality Association.

New Improved Filters Design – Add Our PH002 Ultra Filtration (UF) Membrane Filter (sold separately, search B01JLP2U5W) to eliminate 99.9% of all organic & inorganic matter – including bacteria, viruses, colloids, parasites, giardia, protozoa, cysts, cryptosporidium and endotoxins.

Enormous Filter Capacity = 1500 cups/360 litres/96 gallons per PH001 filter. Buy with Certainty – WE OFFER A 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

The Invigorated Living pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher is ideal for anyone who is serious about eliminating impurities from their water. The filter pitcher absolutely makes up for in filter quality. Although this particular model came out on top, the most important thing is selecting to ditch or gully single-use plastic water bottles for good.

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Aquasana AQ-5300+.56 3-Stage Max Flow Under Sink Water Filter with Chrome Faucet – Review

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Aquasana High Performance Water Filtration System comes with following details

• The best performing water filter, now with 44% faster flow rate. Each set of filters gives 800 gallons of healthy water – 8 cents per gallon with auto Ship. Bluetooth connectivity for filter tracking
• Reduces up to 99 percent of 68 contaminants including lead, mercury, asbestos, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine and chloramines. Full system certified to NSF standards 42, 53, 401 and P473
• Drink healthier water and use to enjoy better tasting beverages and food. Even your pet can now benefit with chemical-free water
• Instant access to healthy water. Keeps you and your family hydrated all day every day. Powers through half a gallon every minute. Includes first set of filters and all parts needed for installation including 100 pct metal and 100 pct lead free faucets
• Only system on the market with Claryum filtration technology that filters out harmful contaminants while retaining natural beneficial minerals for great tasting, healthy water

Stage 1: Pre-Filter

20 Micron pre-filter catches rust, sediment and silt so that the ion-exchange can filter out heavy metals like lead and mercury.

Stage 2: Activated Carbon

Reduces organic chemicals like pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, and other volatile organic chemicals. Improves the overall taste of your water and removes chlorine odor

Stage 3: Catalytic Carbon

Reduces chloramines – the byproduct of chlorine and ammonia used in water disinfection. The Ion-exchange reduces heavy metals like lead and mercury. Sub-Micron (0.5) Mechanical Filtration captures asbestos and chlorine resistant cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium.

Performance Promise

Removes up to 99% of 68 contaminants including: chlorine taste, odor, and particulates, cryptosporidium, lead, asbestos, herbicides, detergents, ’emerging’ pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other volatile organic chemicals. This is the first and only filter with P473 certification to remove PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate). NSF Certified to 42, 53, 401, and P473.

Transform ordinary tap water into clean, extraordinary water. With our 90-day satisfaction guarantee you can drink easy knowing your Aquasana system will perform at it’s absolute best. Contact our Customer Support team for any assistance you might need in selecting the perfect water filtration system for your family.

Each Aquasana 5300+ includes a premium dedicated faucet for your filtered water. Choose the faucet that best matches your kitchen decor: brushed nickel, bronze, or chrome – 100% metal and 100% lead free.

The Aquasana AQ-5300+ alerts you when it’s time to change your filters. No more guessing if and when you need to replace old filters. Filters last up to 800 gallons or 6 months – replacements are a simple twist!


APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter – Alkaline – Review

The Apex Alkaline is a system of some difference, and has a substantial reputation. Besides being an operative filter of water pollutants, it also adds well minerals back to your water to make some really good tasting water. This filtration system also helps to naturally balance the pH of water, to healthier suit your body chemistry. The system is made from NSF certified components.

The unit can be utilized a 5-stage water filtration process. Combining these unlike filter materials adds up to an effective countertop system that eliminates a large number of harmful contaminants from household drinking water. As a result, every drink of water you take provides you with antioxidant protection and offers cleansing, detoxifying benefits that are a perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle. Let’s see below Five Filtration Process Stages.

1 – Remove Chlorine, Chloramines, Heavy Metal and control Microorganisms with KDF -85.

2 – RF-1050 spare alkaline cartridge installed in system. Each filter individually wet tested and sanitized.

3 – Removes impurities and hydrates your body while adding minerals that our body does not produce such as calcium, magnesium, potassium with Alkaline Beads.

4 – Removes Chlorine and Odor with Coconut Shell Activated Carbon.

5 – Neutralizes your water with Calcite while increasing alkalinity. Proponents say alkaline water can neutralize acid in your bloodstream, boost your metabolism and help your body absorb nutrients more successfully. Alkaline water helps to prevent diseases and slow the aging process. It also helps sluggish bone loss. Filter effectively removes hundreds of pollutants from water. Accepts all standard 10-inch spare filter elements. Thin, Movable, Compact Design – Made In USA.

The 5-stage APEX filter is awesome, but a wonderful feature of this model is that it will accept 10″ size filters from other manufacturers too. For example, if you decide that you need a filter that is effective in removing fluoride then you are able to use it.

The APEX Alkaline is easily connected to your present faucet. It comes with all essential hardware (including an adaptor) and can be fitted in minutes. The great thing about these countertop units is that they are so convenient. Installation is a breeze and then all that’s required of you is a simple filter change every few months. The APEX filter is said to last for around 1500 gallons of use, which is a considerable lifespan.

Eventually have to say that we love this countertop water filter system. It does a great job at reducing a wide range of contaminants, and makes the water taste really good too. The rich filter housing and long-life filters are two other great reasons to go with APEX. In our opinion, all things considered, this is the best countertop water filtration system.

Important Features:

  • Rating: 4.4
  • Affordable Price: $$$
  • Removes: Chlorine, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, aluminum, copper, iron, manganese, Escherichia coli
  • 5-Stage water filtration
  • Improves pH
  • NSF certified
  • Great tasting alkaline water
  • Adds healthy minerals to water
  • Easy installation & maintenance

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iSpring RCC7 WQA Gold Seal Certified 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System Analysis

RO water filter system is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (e.g. salts) removed from a solution (water).  Reverse osmosis can also help to eliminating a whole more pollutants from water (such as pesticides, fluorides, lead, detergents etc.) iSpring Drinking Water Filter System has done for years! providing this equipment in the market. It is really helping to produce safe and drinkable water.

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Product Features

  • Excellent purification – removes up to 98% of chemicals, heavy metals, residue, and many other pollutants.
  • 95%+ Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) rejection rate.
  • The finest product in the market, new technology reduces waste water ratio to 3:1.
  • Easy DIY installation with quick-fitting connections and wall-mountable bracket that fits under sink cabinets.
  • Purifies up to 75 gallons of water in a day. Can be used with heavily chlorinated water and well-water sources.
  • Reliable design and compact construction will deliver years of best quality production.
  • Metal 3.2g pressurized storage tank with high grade butyl diaphragm (tested by independent third party to meet NSF/ANSI Standard) – can be placed vertically or horizontally.
  • Whole system comes ready for use with luxury goose neck faucet and all filters included.
  • 30-day money back guarantee, 1-year limited warranty, and lifetime technical support.
  • Note: If your water pressure is below 45 PSI, we recommend our RO system with a built-in booster pump, model RCC7P.
  • The system comes with user manual.

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The system is the only top RO system on the market to make the Quality Water Association’s Gold Seal Certification, the RCC7 is unrivaled in quality, safety, and durability. The reverse osmosis system incorporates polypropylene sediment (PP), granular activated carbon (GAC), carbon block (CTO), and reverse osmosis (RO) filtration technologies to deliver crunchy taste, bottled-quality water.

The system measures 17.5 x 14.5 x 5.25 inches and the tank measuring 16 x 11 inches, the entire unit fits perfectly in most under-sink cabinets. It comes with lead-free solid brass body faucet with a brushed nickel finish. The faucet is typically mounted on the counter as the main output source for the RO water, but output lines can also be connected to your coffee maker, ice maker, etc.

The installation is efficient and DIY for most users, with written, video, and tech support assistance. Replacement filters are standard sized and sold at factory direct pricing the most promising feature is that the system comes with a 1-year money back guarantee, 1-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support. Merely put, you can’t go wrong with the RCC7.

Another advantage is the product’s transparent covering. Which means that you have seen easily the sediment filter, allowing you to check the contaminants getting filtered from the water.